cute good morning sms - gud morning text sms for whatsapp

wake up..........
Hello you!..........
Still not awake? ...........
Klingeling! .......
But now!......
Good Morning!

Good morning my little heart,
no, that's no joke!
I wish you a nice day
and I want to say that I like you!
*Big kiss*
cute good morning sms
cute good morning sms

I can on rolls, coffee,
Refrain from newspaper and getting up,
but not on it, you one
to wish good morning!

A little dear teddy bear
looks very nice to you.
He wishes you a nice day,
He knows for sure that I like you!

Good morning my Sunshine.
I want to be the dearest of people
Wishing the world a nice day!

This SMS is for the morning:
It dispels stress and worries.
And will she bring you luck,
I'm very happy, I sent it to you

I wish you a good morning,
without sorrow, without worries.
I wish you a nice day,
someone will email you that likes you.

Good morning little angel,
it writes your favorite villain!
Think of me, sweeten the day,
think of me because I like you!

Good Morning! Have for you
my dreams briefly interrupted,
to send you my best regards,
so that you start the day well.

Good Morning Sunshine,
please let me into your heart.
I think of you today,
because I really like you!
cute good morning sms
cute good morning sms

Good morning, my prince charming!
Are you with a smile this morning?
or why are they laughing?
Sun over the whole world?

Good morning, dear darling!
Unfortunately, I can not be with you.
That's why I'm pushing you with this phrase,

You woke up from deep sleep,
but far too short was this night.
But forget your worries,
because your cell phone wishes you:
Good Morning!

Open your eyes, experience the time,
a beautiful morning is ready for you.
And someone who really likes you,
wish you a wonderful day!

If your phone beeps early in the morning,
is anyone happy that you exist?
and wants with loving, kind regards,
sweeten your whole day!

gud morning text sms for whatsapp

I do not want to disturb you at an early hour
maybe you are still looking forward to hearing from me!
I just want to dare something:
Sincerely, Good morning to you!

Good morning sleepyhead,
Here I send you a top-notch,
Schönertag, Squeak Pleasure,
Always happy, all around happy
and feel-good sms!
cute good morning sms
cute good morning sms

Good Morning my sweetheart!
I woke up with longing.
Could not sleep without you.
Just have to tell you
I love you with all my heart!

Good Morning! I never thought,
that I have the courage, an angel
to wake up. But I think now is
it's too late.

Hello! I'm a good morning SMS!
Will take care of you all day,
so that nothing happens to you and make sure
that you do not forget the sender.

Good morning, my honey.
You're so cute, I'm hanging on you
and do not come from you anymore!

I woke up ...
Must think of you...
I'm so in love ...
Good Morning!

There is something, something small ...
that is getting bigger and bigger ...
so big .. hardly bearable .. a feeling
a desire, a big wish!
To say good morning!

Good morning, my dear,
Please make room in your cot.
I cuddle very close to you,
so nice and warm, I like you. H.D.L.
cute good morning sms
cute good morning sms

Good morning, this is the one talking
happy wake-up service!
Just wanted to ask if you are
can not sleep anymore?

You woke up from a deep sleep
and too short was this night.
But now forget the worries,
I wish you a nice morning!

The day starts, the sun is shining
and if sometimes the sky is crying,
then think of me and believe me
I send the sun to you quickly.

This is a kiss at dawn,
He will wake you up, you will be astonished.
He strokes your beautiful face,
so that you can laugh in the morning light!

A morning mail, very short and small,
hops degree on your phone.
Have a nice day,
it will email you someone who likes you.

Nearly 138 small characters,
that reach you with this sms,
want to greet you today
and sweeten the start of the day!

Good morning sunshine,
let the heat into your heart.
Many sunbeams tickle you,
a very special, that's me.

Good morning beloved sunshine,
let the heat in the morning.
Smile at the work and remember
that no one can give you the water.

You slept soundly,
when I wrote these lines.
But now you are awake and reading:
I love you very much!

I just woke up,
I thought of you right away!
That's why I'm writing you good morning,
that dispels grief and sorrow!

Good Morning my sweetheart,
Here is your sparrow!
What is more beautiful on earth,
to be awakened by such a kiss.

Who gets up wrinkled in the morning,
has the best development opportunities during the day!
Good morning and a cuddle!

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