good morning sms for love 140 character

If a kiss kisses in the morning, it will give you sorrow and worry. Keep it up all day, because it says I like you!

Good Morning my sweetheart! Now I just woke up, I wanted to cuddle and kiss you and not have to miss you!

In the dream you laughed at me, I thought it was beautiful and I woke up. Now I'm thinking of you because I like you and wish you a great day.

If you are in bed at the right time, then you had a good lead from sleep dreamland, where you dream so much, you are awakened happy, without worries, to the day's beautiful morning? It's getting late, then it's hard, wish you a good start of the week :)

good morning sms for love
good morning sms for love

Good morning, it makes beep, beep, wanted to tell you: I love you!

Good morning my sweetheart ... Unfortunately, with this text message, I have to force you to think of me early in the morning, to give you a peck as an excuse! Hope you had a nice night and woke up without worries! Love you :-*

Have you opened your eyes and spent the night in a dream, then look out into the light, the sunshine is only for you!

Good morning I call, do not you hear your alarm clock. It's time to get up, because I want to see you again.

Hello, I am a good morning SMS! I will take care of you all day, so that nothing happens to you and ensure that you do not forget the sender!

This texting for this morning, it dispels the sorrow and the worries! And if you bring them luck then, I've gladly sent them to you.

Good morning my darling, here is your sparrow! Greetings and a wonderful day!
good morning sms for love
good morning sms for love

The night is over and all stars say "Good bye", only one remains awake, because he thinks of you the day and the night!

Good morning, this is your dream of last night. Did I bring you to sleep? But maybe it was nice, so we'll meet again soon.

A sweet SMS in the early morning, the heart enjoys the whole day.

Good morning, good morning, wish you a day without grief and worry. With much love and good luck, my heart never wants to go back.

good morning sms for love 140 character

Now I am awake in the early morning and I'm worried! Where can I get a quote quickly to tell you: I love you very much!

Every day quite happy is a recipe that worries.

This SMS wants to greet you very sweetly to sweeten this morning!

Good morning, my little mouse, are you still sleeping? Get out of bed, the sun is shining, she has brought you this text!
good morning sms for love
good morning sms for love

A small star in the sky sparkles lonely without worries and meets its glow your sweet smile, so he kisses you awake and wishes you a nice morning!

I wish you the courage of the morning sun, which rises every day, even if it looks bad on earth.

A kiss for you this morning, because you are the only one for me.

Good morning, this is your phone. What are you doing here so early? Oh, I understand, I had beeped, but unfortunately it was just this meaningless SMS!

This little SMS that gives you a good morning and directs the best thoughts to you, so that you know that someone thinks of you.

Hello my mouse, are you already out of the feathers? I wish you a nice good morning, spend the day without worries!

Hello, good morning my darling, here is your sparrow. I just want to greet you very quickly and sweeten the morning with a kiss!

Good morning sweet marmot, I would like to have you with me now, to cuddle in my bed, because with you as a couple, that would be nice!

When I wrote these lines, you still slept very soundly. But now, you have woken up and read that I love you very much!
good morning sms for love
good morning sms for love

Hello and a wonderful morning! If you wake up right now and read this, I'm sure I'll go to sleep. But I will dream of you!

A sweet SMS in the early morning dispels grief and worry. Good morning and a wonderful day!

A dear good morning greeting, very short and small, just hoping for your cell phone, wishes you a wonderful day, someone who loves you!

You have awakened from your deep sleep, this night was far too short! But now forget the worries, I wish you a beautiful good morning!

Good morning sunshine, would love to be with you. Your rays caress me, that I know: I love you!

If you wake up this morning, rub your sweet eyes and read this message, you'll know that I love you very much!

Good morning, my little bear! I just wanted to tell you that I love you very much, more than anything else in the world!

I wish you a good morning and a day free of worries. Then I wish that even with you the sun shines as beautifully as here.

If your phone beeps early in the morning, someone will be happy to see you! He sends you an SMS and wishes you no stress today!

Good morning sunshine, let me into your heart. I think of you all day, because I like you very much.

Good morning sleepyhead, here I send you a top mood - Schönertag- Quietschvergnügen- and always happy- all around-feel-good SMS!

An SMS, small and fine, I send you in the cell phone, she wishes you a wonderful morning, that writes someone who likes you.

A Hab-Dich-Lieb with many greetings should sweeten this day, with a Bussi cute small, Your day will be fine today!

I am your dream of last night! I made you sleep, maybe it was not that bad, so we'll see each other soon!

Silently, and in this way, I send this SMS on a small journey. It comes from me, and with many greetings, you sweeten today's very sweet!

Good Morning! This is the happy wake-up service. I just wanted to ask if you can not sleep anymore?

Your life will flow under trees like a gentle stream, and I wish you the greatest happiness on earth every day.

Good Morning! I've been sleeping in my squeaky bed frame - But in the middle of the night, it's crumpled!

May the first sunbeam of the day tickle your nose, touch your lips with a touch, and bring a smile to your face!

The sun rises, it pushes the moon and stars from the sky and all just to prepare you a wonderful day.

Good morning, wish you a day without grief and worry. With much love and good luck, my heart never wants to go back.

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