5 tips for best good morning sms for loved one

Here are 5 tips for a successful good morning SMS:

1. A message in the morning should not have too much text

No one wants to read a long text in the morning in long novels in which the dreams of the night are first told. Therefore, it is important to know that text messages often arrive at the partner differently than they were intended.
good morning tips
good morning tips
In conclusion, this is a bad example: "I dreamed that you wanted to split up! That was so terrible "

This sentence can be perceived very differently. The following could now be interpreted:

... I love you so much that I could not sleep well without you.
... I doubt our partnership and that you are with me.
... I am afraid that you want to separate yourself from me.
…I had a bad dream.
The more space you allow to interpret, the more problematic the message could become. Consequently, good morning is Whatsapp / SMS is one that is not to be misunderstood.

Good example: "I miss you and I'm thinking of you, good morning! It would be nice if you were with me now. "Or" I wish you a very nice day today and look forward to seeing you again soon. "

2. No blame in a good morning SMS.

Starting the day with something bad is not nice for anyone. There are reasons for bad mood again and again.

No matter how dissatisfied or angry you are right now. A busted date, coming home late or the forgotten call. With a bad SMS in the morning, the whole day can be bad.

The chance to talk about it in the evening in peace is blocked with such a message. Usually it is better to write nothing.

3. Do not be disappointed if no answer comes.

For example, during work, there is not always time for the partner to respond. Maybe the phone is in the closet or the battery is empty and then it is no longer possible for him / her to read the Whatsapp immediately, let alone to answer.

4. Think of others too

Everyone is happy about a nice text message in the morning. Whether the partner, the partner or the mom.

There may be other people who deserve to receive a nice text message or other morning attentions?

5. To the men: You too can write in the morning

It is known that women write many messages and talk about their feelings. That's why women are also pleased when a nice good morning text message appears on their phone. Men are also welcome to send beautiful messages.

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