best good morning texts ever - best good morning message ever

Silently, and in this way, I send this SMS on a small journey. She comes from me, and with greetings, sweeten the day for you.
My first act today: SMS to you - so the day can only be nice ... :-)
A small star in the sky sparkles lonely without worries and meets its glow your sweet smile, he kisses you awake and wishes you a nice morning!
best good morning texts ever
best good morning texts ever
Now I am awake in the early morning and I'm worried! Where can I get a quote quickly to tell you: I love you very much?
Hello, good morning my * sweetheart *, here is your * sparrow *. I just want to say hello to you and sweeten the morning with a * kiss *
A little SMS sweet + fine, just dashes into your phone. Have a nice (stress-free) day I wish you + come back to me very quickly. Kiss: o)

Good morning sunshine, let me into your heart. I think of you today, because I really like you.
Hello! If you wake up right now and read this, I'll probably go to sleep. But I will dream of you!
If your phone beeps early in the morning, someone is happy that you exist! Send you an SMS and do not wish you any stress today!
I'm sitting here on a sunbeam, I'll send you and greet you! With many little sun salutations, I want to sweeten the day!
Guess who thinks of you and gives you this sweet good morning. It is someone who likes you, who gives you a nice day!
I just woke up thinking of you all night. Would like to cuddle and kiss you and never have to miss!
You woke up from a deep sleep and this night was too short, but now forget the worries, I wish you a wonderful morning!
best good morning texts ever
best good morning texts ever

I am a good morning SMS! Will take care of you all day, so that nothing happens to you and ensure that you do not forget the sender!
120 small signs, which reach you with this mail, want to greet you today to sweeten the morning!
The moon is gone, the day awakes, I thought of you! So I ask you, enjoy the day and remember me because I like you.

This SMS is for tomorrow, it dispels the sorrow and your worries, and brings you then also luck, I've gladly sent you.
best good morning texts ever
best good morning texts ever
Good Morning! This text message conveys cheerfulness and good mood, so enjoy this moment, the life and the feeling that someone is thinking of you now! :-)

I woke up this morning, thought of you first! Send your love greetings and long for a kiss! ** I love you ! **
A morning mail, very short and small, hops just into your cell phone, wishes you a nice day; someone will email you who likes you.
Good morning sweet marmot! I would love to cuddle you in my bed now. With you for two, that would be nice.
The sun is rising, displacing the moon and stars from the sky and everything just to make you a wonderful day!
I lay awake all night. Have thought about us, my heart says yes, my mind says no. Sweetheart woke me before I cry.
best good morning texts ever
best good morning texts ever
Good morning my darling, here is your sparrow! What is more beautiful on earth than being awakened by such a kiss.

You slept soundly when I wrote these lines. But now you have woken up and read: I love you very much!
Good morning sleepyhead, here I send you a top mood - beautiful day - squeaky happy - and - always happy - happy - SMS!

If you wake up this morning, rub your sweet eyes and read this mail, you will know that I love you very much and very much.
best good morning texts ever
best good morning texts ever
Hello my mouse, are you out of the feathers? I wish you a nice morning, spend the day without worries! I love you!

A sweet SMS in the early morning, the heart enjoys the whole day. It drives away your worries, someone wrote you who likes you!
Good morning, this is the happy wake-up service! Just wanted to ask if you can not sleep anymore?
A text message in the morning, sorrow dispels sorrow; o) Make the phone loudly PIEP, you know exactly: I love you! Thick good morning Bussi: o)
Good Morning my sweetheart! Did you get up with a smile today or why is the sun laughing all over the world? I love you!
best good morning texts ever
best good morning texts ever
Here's a short message promising you a good morning, directing your best thoughts to you so you know someone is thinking of you
This is your dream of last night! Did I bring you to sleep, maybe it was not that bad, so we'll see each other soon!
A sweet text message in the morning is sorrow and worries!
Good morning, my honey. You're so cute, I'm stuck with you and can not get rid of you!

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