Funny Good Morning Greetings

Funny Good Morning Greetings
Funny Good Morning Greetings
The morning brings a variety of feelings. You feel fresh and free and ready for a new day and a new hope. The warm sunshine, the scent of the fresh morning and the scent of fresh coffee, juice and tea bring something familiar, beautiful and comforting. But also fatigue and fear of a new day are among the feelings and have crept into the good morning sayings.

Funny Good morning sayings are very popular like all funny sayings. No matter what the topic is, who does not like to laugh heartily over a spell?

I'll send you this message in the middle of the night so you'll read it when you wake up and think about me even if I'm still sleeping. Good Morning.

If you are reading this I will still sleep comfortably but dream of you.

A message to all morning muffle. Please stand up now and look annoyed.

And it's morning again. I wish you a strong coffee accompanied by a strong early bird.

Whatsapp status

Good morning from the cheerful wake-up service, who wishes you a happy start into the new day and wants to infect you with his cheerfulness. Please do not throw in the corner.

Just wanted to ask if you can not sleep anymore. Good Morning!

Good morning from your pillow. I loved being with you all night, but now you have to get up, but not me.

To get up early means to go in the wrong direction in the morning and to spoil yourself all day long.

I wish you a fragrant coffee and a short Monday. Good Morning!

These eyes, this charm and this charisma. Oh, good morning. Enough dreamed of me, time for reality and time to get up.

The day starts, the sun is not shining today, the sky is crying with laughter and you have to get up.

If your phone beeps early in the morning then do not be angry, but happy. Because there is someone who likes you and thinks about you on this day.

Sad sayings

First of all, I want to give you my smile to make your day super cool.

It is still early so I do not want to bother for long, but to tell you very quietly that it would be nice to hear from you today.

I wish you a good morning without too much worry, and that no one likes to annoy you on this new beautiful day.

Good morning, open the window, because there comes a kisses flow, that you want to make it easier to get up.

A greeting from you in the morning dispels all grief and worry.

Sayings about life

I send you a greeting in the morning. He comes from far away. Maybe even from space and then the big bang.

Happiness early in the morning should not be a rare event, but rather a daily recurring event.

If you want to actively chase your dreams then you have to get up first.

If my pillow calls for me after getting up then I find it rude to ignore it.

Love sayings

Nothing is more annoying than people who get up cheerfully.

There is a close relationship between my bed and me. Only the alarm clock can not do that somehow.

Forgive me for being late, but the sheep I counted for falling asleep did not want to leave.

Friendship Proverbs

If you just lie in bed and learn and know nothing, you must not complain if life takes place without it.

Sweet good morning sayings for lovers

Sweet Good morning sayings are there to make a smile on your face and just to be happy.

The sun comes to you in the morning, shooing away the moon and the stars, just to wish you a good morning.

I have just come to you on a ray of sunshine to sweeten your day with these many sun greetings

Goodbye moon and good morning sun, the day has come, the sun has climbed the sky.

Good morning sunshine can not be with you today. But I send you many sweet morning greetings.

Nice sayings for whatsapp

Funny Good Morning Greetings
Funny Good Morning Greetings
Get out of bed you sweet mouse. And then quickly out of the house. That's how the day can be successful.

Good morning, here the wake-up service with fresh coffee, fresh bread and sweet jam.

Good morning Brummelbär, do not take life so hard.

I wish you a good morning today and tomorrow and then every day of your life. That happiness visits you every day and you can enjoy the world under shady trees.

May happiness awake you every morning.

The sun is shining again, it is a sweet morning. The worries melt away in the warmth of the morning sun and the night has lost its dark power.

It was me who kept you awake last night. The evil dream that made you sleep. Enjoy the day without me now. I do not want to come back.

It was me who kept you awake last night. The evil dream that made you sleep. Enjoy the day without me now. I do not want to come back.

The night is over and the sweet fragrances of the morning awaken people to a new day and a new life.

I greet you my sunshine, you may enter into my heart.

We need more of the courage of the sun, which rises every day even though it does not look good in this world.

Good morning mermaid, I would like to be with you now.

You're the only one for me, so I'll write here for you and long for you alone in the sunshine.

The last star in the sky is still there to make sure that you wake up peacefully today and start the day safely.

When the sun shines again, I know that you got up with a smile today.

As sweet as the sugar in my coffee you are already in the morning and not in the evening.

A sweet morning is the best way to start the day.

Do you hear a laugh somewhere in the morning and do you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin then you know that life is fine with you.

The sweet smell of morning and hope will find you and greet you.

The morning sun is not only full of warmth, but also full of hope, hope for a better day.

The sun in the word morning sun is the heat that keeps bringing us back, and tomorrow is the hope that is new every morning.

There is nothing more sensual and sweeter than the scent of the warm fresh morning.

Good morning SMS sayings

Who does not know that, you wake up in the morning, read the first text message, which has been received by a friend a while ago and would like to quickly send one of the smart or funny Good morning text messages.

Here for the morning muffle a good-mood-super happy-always happy SMS.

Good morning my dear darling. Are you still lying in the springs? Out and watch the sun because she has brought you a text message.

If your cell phone beeps in the morning then that's an SMS with the message, just no stress'.

Good morning, I am the Guardian Angel SMS and will take care of you all day long.

This SMS in the early morning will scare away all your worries.

Beep, there is an SMS, and I have sent them and wish you good luck.

110 small signs will reach you and wish you a warm welcome and a nice day.

You still slept soundly when this SMS was written and sent, but now you are awake and reading it and hopefully you are happy.

Good morning SMS, dear and fine, is just slipping into your phone and telling you that I like you.

An SMS in the morning can brighten the whole day.

It's still early morning, but I'm worried again. Where is an SMS that tells me that everything is alright?

This is a very special Good morning SMS that can spread a good mood and makes it easier to start the new day.

Silently and silently an SMS comes from your journey into your phone and sends you greetings from far away.

An SMS with many greetings is to sweeten this day for you.

Being happy every new morning just keeps her worrying.

This beautiful SMS that morning gives you means that someone is thinking of you.

A sweet sms in the early morning supplies with so much luck and hormones that may come what may.

I am your cell phone and am wondering that you are using me again so early. Alright?

Me again, your phone. Sorry that I have nagged you about such a meaningless SMS.

When the phone beeps very loud in the morning then you know someone loves you.

So early and I have already done the first act of the day, a text message checked.

If you woke up this morning and read my text message then you know how much I've missed you all night.

Today I have to send you a good morning text message, but soon I can say good morning again personally.

As much as I miss you when I'm back with you, I'll miss your morning texting.

I just saw that you have already seen my SMS. Then I know now that you have started your morning well and have a great

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