Good morning god bless messages

Good morning god bless messages
Good morning god bless messages
"Good morning, dear worries, you are already all there? Have you slept so well? Well, then everything is clear ..." Who wants to oppose this song lines of J├╝rgen von der Lippe something because he is not with indifference in the day would like to start, which can make good use of a good morning saying. Such a verse motivates for the job or, in general, for an important project that is currently pending. Or with him, the morning routine (also) is a breeze. You are browsing for a good morning saying on the Internet? Then it is fortunate for you that you have landed on this page. Here you will find a lot of sayings that serve as a motivational aid. There are also funny lines where you not only have to smile, smile or laugh in the morning, but also during the day whenever you recall them. Which good morning saying do you choose?
In the dream you laughed at me, I thought it was beautiful and I woke up. Now I'm thinking of you because I like you and wish you a great day.

Now I'm awake in the early morning and I'm worried! Where can I get a quote quickly to tell you: I love you very much!

Hello my mouse, are you already out of the feathers? I wish you a nice good morning, spend the day without worries

Good morning sunshine, let me into your heart. I think of you all day, because I like you very much.

A kisses from me, want to wake you, tenderly taste your lips! It kisses you awake and stays with you, now give me yours, I want it here.

The night is over, the morning awakes. As always thought of you immediately. No stress today, I wish you that, accompanied by a peck of me!

Guess who thinks of you and gives you this sweet good morning. It is someone who likes you, who gives you a nice day!

May the first sunbeam of the day tickle your nose, touch your lips with a touch and conjure a smile on your face!

 I just woke up, thinking of you all night. Would like to cuddle and kiss you and never have to miss!

A Hab-Dich-Lieb with many greetings should sweeten you this day, with a Bussi cute small, your day will be fine today!

If a kiss kisses in the morning, it will give you sorrow and worry. Keep it up all day, because it says I like you!

Good morning, damsel, in the dream I saw you without a dress. That's shameless, I'm sorry!

Good morning, sweetheart, you are very deep in my heart, so I tell you very sweet and pure, you will always be with me!

If a kisses flown in the morning, sorrow and sorrow sweeps away. Keep it up all day, because it says I like you!

Now you have already woken up, I hope your night was good. The luck should be granted to you, because that I send in your phone.

When I wrote these lines, you still slept very soundly. But now, you have woken up and read that I love you very much!

I can do without sandwiches, coffee, newspaper and getting up, but I do not want to wish you a good morning!

Hello! If you wake up right now and read this, I'll probably go to sleep. But I will dream of you!

Quietly and quietly and in this way, I send this text message on a journey, which should sweeten the day with love greetings today.

My first act today: A SMS to you - so the day can only be nice ...

Good morning, this is your dream of last night. Did I bring you to sleep? But maybe it was nice, so we meet again.

Good Morning my sweetheart! Now I just woke up, I wanted to cuddle and kiss you and not have to miss you!

Good morning little angel, it writes your favorite villain! Think of me, sweeten the day, think of me because I like you.

Good morning, wish you a happy day without worries. With much love and good luck, my heart never wants to go back.

And whenever the day awakens, you laugh with me in my thoughts and in my heart. You are so close and yet so far away, I love you ... your star.

Good morning, dear darling! Unfortunately, I can not be with you now. That's why I'm pushing you with this sentence, on the cheek a big Schmatz!

Good morning, my dear! Just had to think of you, and could now kiss you everywhere.

Good morning god bless messages
Good morning god bless messages
Hello and a beautiful good morning! If you wake up right now and read this, I'm sure I'll go to sleep. But I will dream of you.

Good morning, my honey. You're so cute, I'm stuck with you and can not get rid of you!

If you wake up this morning, rub your sweet eyes and read this message, you'll know that I love you very much!

The sun is rising, displacing the moon and stars from the sky and everything just to make you a wonderful day!

If your phone beeps early in the morning, someone will be happy to see you! He sends you a text message and wishes you no stress today!

Good morning sleepyhead, here I send you a top mood - beautiful day - squeaky happy - and - always happy - happy - SMS!

Hello, I am a good morning SMS! I will take care of you all day, so that nothing happens to you and ensure that you do not forget the sender!

I lay awake all night. Have thought about us, my heart says yes, my mind says no. Sweetheart woke me before I cry.

Hello my mouse, are you out of the feathers? I wish you a nice morning, spend the day without worries!

I wish you a good morning and a day free from worries. Then I wish that even with you the sun shines as beautiful as here.

Silently, and in this way, I send this SMS on a little trip. It comes from me, and with many greetings, you sweeten today's very sweet!

I'm sitting here on a ray of sunshine, I'll send you and greet you! With many little sun salutations, I want to sweeten the day!

Good morning sunshine, would love to be with you. Your rays caress me, that I know: I love you!

A little text cute and fine, just sparks into your phone. Have a nice day, I wish you and come back to me pretty soon.

Good morning, my little mouse, are you still sleeping? Get out of bed, the sun is shining, she has brought you this text!

Every day quite happy is a recipe that worries.

Here's a short message promising you a good morning, directing your best thoughts to you so you know someone is thinking of you.

122 small signs, which reach you with this mail, want to greet you today cordially to sweeten the morning.

The moon is gone, the day awakes, I thought of you! So I ask you, enjoy the day and remember me because I like you.

This little SMS that gives you a good morning and directs the best thoughts to you, so that you know that someone thinks of you.

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