Good morning pictures and sayings

Good morning pictures and sayings
Good morning pictures and sayings
A loved one can enjoy these pictures in the morning. These are many free good morning pictures with sayings or greetings that are great to send via WhatsApp, but also quick and easy to share on Google Plus or Facebook. These picture greetings are also for Snapchat a great idea. Typical motifs such as sunrise, breakfast or tired cute animals are associated with getting up and morning. This is often a short spell appropriate, with a nice day or have fun getting up. Some pictures are funny, others rather dreamy or romantic. In any case, there is the right picture for each recipient. In addition, some good morning sayings are presented, which can be written in a text message, a short message or a greeting card, but can also post on Twitter. All entries can be marked with a green thumbs up positive or with a red thumbs down negative, so that you can judge from the ratings of the popularity of each morning greetings.

Happy good morning greetings

Good morning greetings are certainly popular. In the following, some such greetings are presented which can be used free of charge for private purposes. So they will look a cat directly in the face and a frog will wish them a nice day. These and other morning greetings are for men, women and children.

Relaxed cat with good morning greeting
Good morning pictures and sayings
Good morning pictures and sayings
This cat looks very relaxed and well rested and looks the recipient a WhatsApp Good morning message directly is face. You will be asked if you slept well. This image is really cool and is certainly ideal for almost any greeting recipient. Both friends and co-workers or relatives, friends and other people will be pleased about this news.

Alarm clock in the morning
Good morning pictures and sayings
Good morning pictures and sayings

This alarm clock looks annoying when you look at it, because everyone can imagine how much they would like to hear their own alarm clock in the morning and want to hit it. This good morning greeting is still nice news on a great picture in the comic style.

Frog wishes a nice day
Good morning pictures and sayings
Good morning pictures and sayings
This funny frog wishes his recipient a nice day and asks "slept well?". This greeting is certainly well suited especially for classmates, friends and other young or young at heart people. red tongue hangs from his mouth slightly with his big eyes, the frog turns a little. Nevertheless, he just spreads good mood.

Mosquito as a morning greeting
Good morning pictures and sayings
Good morning pictures and sayings
This mosquito symbolizes all people and circumstances that can spoil your day. The saying, "Good morning - do not be annoyed" makes it clear to the Greetings that he should not let these things and people who are in a bad mood get away with them

Sweet morning greetings

If you want to send a sweet message to his girlfriend, a nice colleague or the man of his dreams in the morning via WhatsApp, Snapshat or Facebook, then you should look at the following morning greetings. It shows sweet teddy bears, romantic sunrises and dreamy landscapes in which one would like to be now. With a nice picture of a nice person you love, a day starts much better.

Romantic picture in the morning
Good morning pictures and sayings
Good morning pictures and sayings
These two teddy bears bring the person you love 2 hearts and a romantic good morning greeting for lovers. His partner can certainly make a nice pleasure, if one reports in such a nice way in the morning.

Good morning pictures and sayings
Good morning pictures and sayings
This beautiful sunrise with a sky in orange-red is sure to make everyone rave. Wanderlust can come up with such beautiful pictures and one looks forward to the next vacation.

Good Morning my sweetheart

If you want to wish your sweetheart a good morning, you can hardly miss this cute fellow. It is a bright teddy bear with a heart in the paw. He should bring a love message to the loved one or his wife or partner.

Good morning for work colleagues

If you want to wish a colleague a good morning, you usually choose a slightly more neutral subject than the pictures shown in the last section. Below are some pictures that are of course not only suitable for a colleague or a colleague, but also for the boss or for grandma or grandfather.

Croissant for breakfast

This picture of a delicious croissant and a cup of coffee in the morning newspaper makes you want to have breakfast. Therefore, these Good morning greetings are especially interesting for the work colleagues who are having breakfast in the company or with whom one wants to go for breakfast.


This sunrise looks especially nice. The sun shines a big "good morning" to the sky and is supposed to announce a nice day. The blue sky promises almost good weather.

Natural greetings as a card

These greetings wish a very nice day and that the receiver of the morning greetings succeeds. The slogan is displayed on a greenish background. Next to it a plant grows up. The format of the image is suitable for use as a postcard or greeting card. Just print out the picture and write some personal lines of text on the back.

Sun with sunglasses

This sun wishes a sunny day. So if you want to wish a friend a nice day off in the summer or spring, it's a nice idea to choose this greeting.

Greetings for the treasure

If you want to send your sweetheart a few romantic, in love lines as a morning greeting, then you will find below a few short phrases that are well suited for this purpose. You can send it as an SMS or WhatsApp message easily and quickly to his partner or his partner.

It feels so good to wake up every morning in the feeling that you are my darling. I love you and wish you a very nice day.

It does not matter which day of the week it is today. All that matters is that we are both together. Then every day is a nice day. I wish you a good morning, sweetheart.

God has let you wake up again. Maybe not so much because you would like that, but because there is someone who needs you!

If you are in a bad mood in the morning, remember that I am here and always thinking of you and being with you in my thoughts. Good Morning my sweetheart.

I do not care if the sun has risen or not. Every day begins with a good morning greeting to my sweetheart. I love you!

Our eyes are attached to the front of the head because it's better to look forward than back! In this sense, I wish you a nice day.

You're the first thing I have to think about in the morning. That's why I'm the first to send you a kiss and a cuddle. I wish you a nice morning, honey.

I want to tell you this morning that you are the best thing that could happen to you. That's why I'm sending you a big kiss.

Good morning greetings for friends
Good morning pictures and sayings
Good morning pictures and sayings

Of course, if you want to wish a friend a good morning, you need different phrases than morning greetings to your partner. Therefore, here are some short phrases and texts that are suitable for the best friend, for acquaintances or work colleagues. These texts are also free for non-commercial purposes and may therefore be used gladly. Mostly warm greetings, but maybe also some funny morning sayings.

I wish you a good morning and would like to tell you that today you are the best friend you can wish for.

Good Morning. Remember: life is like a mirror. When you smile, she smiles back.

Good Morning. A wisdom to the morning: never stop hoping, because miracles happen every day!

Every morning you have two options: sleep on and dream or get up and try to make your dreams come true!

Every day we wake up is the first day of the rest of your life. So make something out of it!

Every day starts with a blank canvas. It depends on what you make of it!

Good Morning. I hope your day starts with a good mood and a smile. If not, then at least have a good cup of coffee.

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